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Media Listing

22/01/2021 Beef processors hit survival mode as livestock prices bite Farmonline
21/01/2021 Beijing raises wool import quota, but move not seen as sign of warming ties SCMP
21/01/2021 An uneven playing field: Agricultural subsidies ABC Radio
21/01/2021 Sheep and lamb slaughter figures trending well below seasonal averages Farm Online
21/01/2021 EYCI headed for the stars Stock and Land
21/01/2021 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator surges to another new record The Weekly Times
21/01/2021 Woolworths reveals new products, more Christmas bargains The Weekly Times
20/01/2021 Rural Australia surges on drought recovery Farmers Weekly
19/01/2021 Cattle prices, supply and beef export trade ABC Radio
19/01/2021 EYCI at new record of 844 ABC Radio
18/01/2021 Weaner prices ACE Radio
14/01/2021 Market access workshops West Coast Sentinal
14/01/2021 Australia’s Nov wheat exports up 42pc from Oct Grain Central
13/01/2021 How feasible are strong weaner calf prices for producers? The Weekly Times
13/01/2021 Wool leaps into 2021 with positive vibe Farm Weekly
13/01/2021 Look at those weaner prices! Beef Central
13/01/2021 Workshops focus on grain trade and market access Stock Journal
12/01/2021 Argentina: Farmers Demand Increase in Corn Exports teleSUR
10/01/2021 Wheat Exporters in Australia Look Past China to North Africa Bloomberg
10/01/2021 Poorest workers bear brunt as Qatar cuts Australian lamb subsidy  Middle East Eye
6/01/2021 High Aussie dollar tipped to hit wheat, beef and sheep meat exports The Weekly Times
5/01/2021 Cheaper fertilisers to favour Australian farmers in 2021 The Weekly Times
4/01/2021 Should a US/China trade deal faze Australia? QCL
30/12/2020 A letter from Australian farmers to Putin Farm Weekly
30/12/2020 How 2020 became the year of digital livestock sales The Weekly Times
29/12/2020 Grain sector likely to record most profitable season ever QCL
25/12/2020 Growth of Aussie sheepmeat exports lays in the developing world Farm Weekly
24/12/2020 Markets remain strong through turbulent year Farmonline
24/12/2020 Australian agriculture expert’s predictions for 2021 The Weekly Times
23/12/2020 Cattle market recovery tipped to flow into 2021 NQR
21/12/2020 Mutton exports in 2020 tracking below five year average QCL
19/12/2020 Aussie barley farmers looking to bounce back Sky News
16/12/2020 China slow in re-approving lamb exports from two big Aussie processors Farm Online
14/12/2020 US, China recalibration hurts Australian trade Business News
12/12/2020 Grain prices come off, before rally on Russian comments QCL
11/12/2020 China trade tensions boil over in 2020 Farm Weekly
11/12/2020 What’s behind the fall in the wheat market Grain Central
10/12/2020 Christmas Lunch; What will be cheaper, what will cost more The Weekly Times
10/12/2020 Why Yule save this christmas Herald Sun
9/12/2020 Tips for taking a dip in the pools Grain Central
9/12/2020 Chinese demand for protein – is the herd rebuilt? ABC Radio
8/12/2020 Goat slaughter jumps but prices hold Stock and Land
7/12/2020 Qatar abruptly ends lamb import subsidy deal Farm Weekly
4/12/2020 Shock as Qatar cancels program The Weekly Times
4/12/2020 Shining a light on fertiliser pricing Grain Central
3/12/2020 75 years of Aussie beef ABC Country Hour Vic
2/12/2020 Qatar quits lamb import subsidy ACE Radio
2/12/2020 Is there more to relations with China? ABC Drive
2/12/2020 China has ramped up its wheat imports this season The Weekly Times
2/12/2020 China still talk of town in beef export circles Farm Weekly
2/12/2020 Qatar axes lamb import subsidies ABC News
1/12/2020 Lamb industry hit as Qatar cancels subsidy on $300m-a-year trade Guardian
1/12/2020 Qatar quits lamb import subsidy ABC Radio Tasmania
1/12/2020 Give us our daily bread. Australian Grain
25/11/2020 Détente needed as China threat grows Business News
25/11/2020 North/South seasonal contrasts fuel big exodus of QLD young cattle Beef Central
24/11/2020 Why Australians are eating less red meat The Weekly Times
20/11/2020 Barley update after recent tenders ABC Radio
20/11/2020 Beef exports to China decline Ace Radio
19/11/2020 Who is winning China? Grain Central
18/11/2020 As spring flushes peak in eastern states, demand remains strong Farm Weekly
18/11/2020 What happens if China bans Aussie wheat? Farm Weekly
16/11/2020 Protecting against grain default Ace Radio
16/11/2020 Guarding against the risk of grain trader insolvency Grain Central
13/11/2020 Cost of cattle bites hard into processor margins NQR
13/11/2020 How the Indian buffalo could hit our red meat exports The Weekly Times
12/11/2020 Will China tensions stamp out Australia’s grain-fed beef potential? Farm Weekly
12/11/2020 Could this strange meat topple our red meat exports? The Weekly Times
10/11/2020 COVID home cooking good news for beef Farmonline
10/11/2020 Impact of politics on markets ABC Radio
9/11/2020 La Nina hit and miss for WA grain Business News
9/11/2020 Farmers comfortable working around China wheat discounts Farm Weekly
5/11/2020 No official word on China wheat ban The Land
5/11/2020 Lentil tariff relief extension ABC Radio
4/11/2020 What happens if China bans Aussie wheat? Grain Central
4/11/2020 Lentil tariff extension misses Aussie export window Farm Weekly
4/11/2020 Good rain puts Victoria, NSW in the box seat The Weekly Times
4/11/2020 China to ban Aussie wheat? Ace Radio
4/11/2020 China ‘bans’ on US products ABC Drive
3/11/2020 China’s headwinds and opening doors for Aussie beef Farm Weekly
3/11/2020 Cattle market tipped to climb further NQR
28/10/2020 Livestock prices pushing 850c/kg The Weekly Times
27/10/2020 Tough choices on mixed farms Business News
27/10/2020 Quinoa Australia: Oversupply could hurt its premium price The Weekly Times
26/10/2020 Where to from here for red hot cattle market? Farmonline
26/10/2020 The war chest of Animals Australia ABC Radio
22/10/2020 ABC Vic Country Hour – High Cattle  Prices ABC Radio
21/10/2020 Stars align as yields, prices hit highs FarmOnline
21/10/2020 Aussie exporters wait for China’s next move The Weekly Times
20/10/2020 US wheat futures to remain firm on uncertain weather prospects S&P Global
20/10/2020 Lamb exports continuing to increase FarmOnline
17/10/2020 Grain prices set to improve with La Nina weather ABC Country Breakfast
16/10/2020 China targets Australian cotton in latest trade action Grain Central
16/10/2020 Can Australia’s emerging quinoa industry maintain its price premium? Grain Central
16/10/2020 Aussie crop outlook AHDB
16/10/2020 Are the beef processors losing money? ABC Radio
15/10/2020 World cotton stocks on high Grain Central
15/10/2020 Rays of light for Australian agriculture in a time of turmoil Domain
14/10/2020 Wet for us dry for the US. ABC Rural Report
13/10/2020 Processor margins update ABC Rural Port Pirie
13/10/2020 Meat processors taking heavy losses ACE Radio
13/10/2020 La Nina helps and hinders ABC Radio
13/10/2020 Don’t let the science get ahead of market realities Business News
8/10/2020 Heavy Rains in Southeastern Australia ‘Fantastic’ For Grain Crop Bloomberg Terminal
7/10/2020 Diesel prices fall coming into harvest ACE Radio
6/10/2020 ABC WA Country Hour – Sheep from West to East ABC Radio
1/10/2020 The good news or the bad news Australian Grain
30/09/2020 Glyphosate extortion attempt ABC Radio
29/09/2020 What drives the price of diesel? Grain Central
29/09/2020 Vic Processors increase capacity ABC Radio
29/09/2020 Sheep flock rebuild following drought The Weekly Times
29/09/2020 China swine virus an export opportunity Business News
25/09/2020 Caution the keyword, when it comes to predicting a La Nina The Courier
24/09/2020 Spring lamb flush underway, will numbers be absorbed? Farm Weekly
24/09/2020 Russia projected to dominate global wheat exports RT
24/09/2020 Ag trade a blunt tool Business News
23/09/2020 Russia’s Dominance of the Wheat World Bloomberg
23/09/2020 NSW lamb numbers jump rapidly Farm Weekly
18/09/2020 Northern cattle markets ABC Rural Mt Isa
18/09/2020 India drops lentil tariff  Grain Central
17/09/2020 China to put Aussie wheat under the microscope Farm Weekly
17/09/2020 ASF: Projected gap in protein demand expected to grow The Weekly Times
16/09/2020 Push to shorten live-ex moratorium gathers steam Farm Weekly
16/09/2020 Further softening in grids as processor losses fall to record levels Beef Central
16/09/2020 China to put Aussie wheat under the microscope Farm Weekly
16/09/2020 Australian wheat in demand amid China concerns Grain Central
15/09/2020 Lamb processor concerns in Spring flush WIN News
15/09/2020 African Swine Fever in Germany ACE Radio
11/09/2020 Wheat, canola to head growers’ new-crop sales Grain Central
11/09/2020 More processor job loss pain likely Farm Weekly
10/09/2020 Virus fallout means no grain, no gain Business News
10/09/2020 Grass cut in key beed markets Farm Weekly
10/09/2020 Australian export markets grow on back of NZ sheep flock decline Farm Weekly
10/09/2020 Australian crop outlook WIN News
9/09/2020 Has India banned GM crops? Grain Central
8/09/2020 Poor outlook for any improvement in China-Australia relations Farm Weekly
7/09/2020 Australia’s July wheat exports down 58pc Grain Central
4/09/2020 Skin value declines Farm Online
3/09/2020 We need to find new barley markets Ace Radio
2/09/2020 Australias spring lamb flush is incoming Farm Online
28/08/2020 Yearling heifers close the gap on steers Stock and Land
27/08/2020 EYCI to soar over 800c Ace Radio
25/08/2020 Race to rebuild sends cattle market skyward The Land
25/08/2020 Here comes the restocker Beef Central
25/08/2020 Cattle prices soar to even greater heights as EYCI hits 780c/kg The Weekly Times
24/08/2020 Hanging on by the margins Business News
21/08/2020 Steady demand for winegrapes, beef, while wheat and dairy abundant The Weekly Times
21/08/2020 Call to revive old Federal programs to encourage seasonal workers Stock and Land
21/08/2020 Ace Radio Country Today – Libby Price – Retail vs Saleyard Ace Radio
21/08/2020 ABC Vic Country Hour – Retail vs Saleyard Livestock Prices ABC Radio
20/08/2020 Why Australian agriculture needs trade diversification The Weekly Times
19/08/2020 Buoyant market makes canola likely choice for cash sales Grain Central
13/08/2020 Experts say cattle numbers are slumping for a number of reasons Stock and Land
12/08/2020 Sheep prices and headwinds ABC Country Hour WA
12/08/2020 ‘Curveball’ restrictions could hurt ‘sensitive’ pork industry Stock and Land
11/08/2020 JBS Brooklyn closed indefinitely Stock and Land
11/08/2020 Beef shipments to China fall back The Land
10/08/2020 The battle for barley Business News
6/08/2020 Russia adds an extra Australia Farm Weekly
6/08/2020 Meat Output Curbs in Australia Could Spur Near-Term Shortages Bloomberg
6/08/2020 Abattoirs consider their COVID options Stock and Land
5/08/2020 Red meat to struggle under new restrictions The Weekly Times
5/08/2020 Pig and chicken cull possible  The Guardian
5/08/2020 Abattoir shutdown could mirror US closures The Weekly Times
5/08/2020 Abattoir closure forces pigs interstate Stock and Land
4/08/2020 Victorian meatwork disruptions mitigated by reduced throughput Farm Online
4/08/2020 Sky News Afternoon – Kieran Gilbert Sky News
4/08/2020 Dont panic theres plenty of meat to go around Stock and Land
4/08/2020 Disruption to meat processors from new Covid restrictions WIN News
4/08/2020 Country Hour ABC Radio
4/08/2020 Coronavirus lockdowns force big changes on abattoirs The Weekly Times
4/08/2020 Conversation Hour ABC Radio 774 ABC Radio
3/08/2020 Stringent coronavirus restrictions placed on Victorian meat processors Stock and Land
2/08/2020 Vic government to introduce workplace changes to combat CV19 Stock and Land
30/07/2020 Thirst for market insight as uncertainty reigns Stock and Land
29/07/2020 Chinese meat exports strong despite overall softening The Weekly Times
28/07/2020 Premier warns of industry closure, over coronavirus Farm Online
27/07/2020 WA Business news – Live sheep mortality & moratorium Business News
27/07/2020 Victorian meatworks coronavirus cases grow Farm Online
23/07/2020 Processor shutdown impact on Spring Lamb WIN News
22/07/2020 Low throughput has lessened the impact of abattoir virus shutdowns Stock and Land
21/07/2020 ABC Country Hour – Covid in Vic processors ABC Radio
20/07/2020 No panic stations as more southern meatworks close The Land
17/07/2020 Concerns raised about a prolonged shutdown of JBS’ Brooklyn plant Stock and Land
16/07/2020 Opportunities in a volatile period Farm Weekly
14/07/2020 Cattle market expected to soften Farm Weekly
9/07/2020 Elders launches new agricultural market analysis arm Stock and Land
9/07/2020 Cattle numbers forecast to drop as processors’ hip pockets hurt Grain Central
8/07/2020 Fake meat pulled from menu ABC Radio
7/07/2020 GrainCorp’s Berrybank expansion echoes growth in cropping Stock and Land
7/07/2020 Elders launches market analysis business Farm Online
7/07/2020 Andrew Whitelaw and Matt Dalgleish launch Thomas Elder Markets Farm Tender